Dezember 10, 2010

the neutral heart technique

Even after all this time, the Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.
Dear Veronika,
As practitioners of the six heart virtues, our focus is on the expression of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, valor, and understanding. Sometimes, though, the outflow is diminished or our attention wanders and we can find ourselves depleted and discouraged, unable to express or radiate the virtues within us with vitality and genuineness.
When you feel a bit drained or dispirited, often it is because you feel that the balance between the inflow of love, appreciation, understanding, and forgiveness does not measure up to your outflow. In other words, what we give out to our family, friends, work associates and strangers, seems to be more—in some cases, far more—than what we get in return.
This perception can rapidly lead to discouragement; a sense that life is not working or is even unfair and unresponsive to our practice of the six heart virtues. There is a technique called the Neutral Heart that is an excellent method to refresh and balance your energy system especially when the feelings of depletion and discouragement overtake your expression of the heart virtues in your daily life.
Within the energetic heart is a place of neutral feelings; a place where energy-draining perceptions can shift and transform with a gentle nudge. It may seem paradoxical, but neutrality is the pivot of transformation. It is here that you can take the stubborn, concretized energetic densities that have become rooted in your personality, and realign them with the advanced energetics of the six heart virtues.
While these densities are familiar to you, they can operate as obstacles to the new patterns and new energies that are coming to the planet and potentially to each of us individually, especially as practitioners of the six heart virtues. These densities are like plaque to the energetic grid that surrounds you, restricting the flow of intuition and creating a dissonance to the incoming cosmic rays, which makes it harder for you to operate in the state of Oneness and accelerated virtuous cycles that are the hallmark of these new energies.
Between now and 2012 our solar system is undergoing a migratory orbit that will take it within a current of empowering rays or cosmic frequencies that issue from the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It is recommended that you devote a portion of your time to realign the blockages or densities within your energetic body during this time in order to align yourself to these new energies. Doing so will empower you to embody these frequencies and transmit them with greater potency.
The Neutral Heart technique has three steps, which are designed to help you transform the stubborn energetic densities that have concretized in your energetic field and align them to the new energy-flow in which you are learning to live.
Step One: The Smiling Heart
The first step is to center yourself in your heart by imagining that your heart area is smiling. If you imagine it is smiling outward it opens the door of neutrality into which you can bring densities you wish to transform and realign.
It is essential that your heart-smile expresses the genuine quality of the neutral heart, which is contemplative, with deep chords of intuitive knowing and the soft hush of divine love. This is the attitude that you can hold in your heart area. When you settle into this attitude, you are ready for the second step.
Step Two: Invite the Densities Inside
Next you invite these stubborn energetic densities into your neutral heart. For example, suppose you are feeling discouraged, and you have identified its source as feeling unappreciated at work. The feeling of discouragement is only wearing a new face, the true energy of discouragement has been with you all of your life. When you were an infant you were discouraged when your mother went away from you. As a toddler, when you did not get your way. As a child, when you were scolded. As a teenager, when you were put down by your peers. As an adult, when you were unappreciated for your contributions.
This energy signature of discouragement, within your energetic field, is calcified every time you feel it, regardless of what the temporary source may be. Most of us have a strong energetic density around this feeling of discouragement. This is what you invite into the neutral heart, not the temporary disguise that discouragement is wearing today or yesterday, but rather the collective of discouragement that is the foundational energy for this feeling.
Each of the emotions that cause depletion of energy, creativity, intuition, mental acuity, and sense of well being can become calcified to the point that they interfere with your energetic field and its connection to the Oneness we all share. The negative emotions, like anger, envy, depression, chronic anxiety, and hopelessness, are like fundamental chords that we strike in our energetic field every time we feel them, and these chords resonate and activate other negative emotions, which can be our ruin.
Inviting these densities inside our neutral heart requires that we invite the fundamental chords. Here's what I mean. Imagine that anger is a chord that is played with three fingers. Each time you feel anger; these three fingers strike the chord. The chord resonates throughout your energetic field. It finds sympathetic chords that resonate with it and together they form a dissonance within your energetic field.
The fundamental chord is triggered by the three fingers, and what are the three fingers? They are the day-to-day events and experiences that strike the chord. And every time the chord is struck, it is welded tighter to your energetic field and your field becomes a little more rigid and less adaptive to the new energies of the six heart virtues.
Negative emotions, at their fundamental level, are packages of history like balls made out of rubber bands. It is to these "packages" that you extend the invitation, and by inviting them into the neutral heart, you are, in a sense, awakening them to their pointlessness in your present reality. In this step you are not trying to force them to change or remove them, but rather you are allowing them to feel the new perspective and energy field you are assembling.
You are creating a new discernment process with this approach, and this new process is "heard" by all parts of your system, including your energetic densities at their most fundamental level. You are accessing the intuitive guidance of your heart and asking it to realign the energetic blockages or stubborn energies that create the sense of imbalance, discouragement, and depletion that you feel. It is a gentle reminder to these old behaviors and stubborn energies that change is stirring and that they need to be aware of this change and either align to it or let go.
Step Three: Marinate with Conviction
The final step is to let these negative emotions "marinate" in the neutral space of your heart. Imagine these obstinate energies are like rigid knots when they enter your heart, and as they soak in the wisdom of its neutrality, they loosen up and begin to relax as they begin to understand your new plan. They do not magically disappear, but rather as they relax they choose to realign to the energetic grid you are consciously engineering.
What is stubborn and unwanted within you is not something you want to evict like an unwanted tenant or exorcise like a demon; rather it is a part of you that has served you in the past, and once aligned to your new plan, can continue to serve you in the future. Nonetheless, your heart—within the wisdom of its neutrality—entrains these stubborn energies to its plan and you must feel the certainty of this plan. Step three is focused on this certainty because it is in the crucible of conviction that old energies can realign and entrain to your new energetic grid.
The six heart virtues are the instruments we use to re-engineer the energy grid upon which we live. The old densities that exist in all of us are based on the history of our belief system and experiential world. In a sense, they are the bridge we crossed over to get to where we are in this very moment, but our learning must be constantly realigning itself to our present comprehension—our present learning needs. The Neutral Heart technique helps our historical learning and the behaviors and attitudes that arise from them to have less resonance and therefore cause less dissonance within our energetic field.
The Neutral Heart technique can be used for any set of emotional disturbances or imbalances, and it is ideal as a method of discernment for decision making; regaining your sense of empowerment; rebalancing your energetic field, or rejuvenating your attitudinal buoyancy.
As with any technique, the Neutral Heart is a framework. You can experiment with it, add your own ideas to it, and modify it to your own personality. If you find a better way to perform the steps in the process that helps you dial-in to the core purpose of the technique, then feel free to utilize these adjustments.
The Neutral Heart technique is not a universal remedy for emotional ills. Everyone feels depleted and discouraged from time-to-time. I'm not suggesting that if you practice this technique you will be free of these feelings, but rather if you apply it when you do feel these negative emotions, it will accelerate your movement through them, and you will feel that your energetic system has been refreshed and is able to take on the next challenge of life with greater ease and grace.
You do not need to practice the Neutral Heart technique in private or in a quiet room free of distractions. When you become adept with the technique you can use it at any time and in any place. It only takes a minute or two. Think of it like an energetic body maintenance program, not unlike the grooming you provide your physical body each time you take a shower or brush your teeth.
Your energetic (quantum) body is the connection you have to the universe of Oneness and the creative empowerment of virtuous cycles. Whatever care and maintenance you provide it returns a hundred-fold. It's truly one of your best investments.
From my world to yours,

Dezember 04, 2010

victim or master?

each action that you repeat, or each thought – because thought is also a subtle action in the mind – becomes more and more powerful. Then you are in the grip of it. Then you are imprisoned in the habit. Then you live the life of an imprisoned man, a slave. And the imprisonment is very subtle: it is of your habits and conditioning and the actions that you have done. It is all around your body and you are entangled in it, but you go on thinking and befooling yourself that you are doing it. When you get angry, you think you are doing it. You rationalize it and you say that the situation demanded it: “I had to be angry, otherwise the child would go astray; if I were not angry then things would go wrong, then the office would be in a chaos, then servants won’t listen; I had to be angry to manage things, to discipline the child. To put the wife in her right place I had to be angry.” These are rationalizations. That’s how your ego goes on thinking that you are still the boss, but you are not. Anger comes out of old patterns, out of the past. And when anger comes you try to find an excuse for it.
but through these rationalisations you do not feel yourself a victim but a master

and that*s a pity ....