April 07, 2013

entscheide dich für dich

 Jubiläums Füller von Faber Castell 

Entscheide dich immer FÜR dich

welcher andere sollte wissen
was für dich gut ist?

fühl es in dir und für dich

April 15, 2012

come on

let*s dance

let*s dance

a dance here on earth

let*s flow in the love we are
let*s flow in the light we are

let*s flow in the deep and interesting talks

let*s flow in sharing ourselves

we are

Januar 28, 2012

horse riding

tell me 
tell me
the name of the horse

i do not know whom this pic is
but it "fits" so much
if i have to put it off
please tell me ...till then 
thank you 

the horse
i am riding
i know
it is a horse
that came from elsewhere
it was sent to me
who sent it?

it is a ride 
that brings me to places
i only saw from afar
till now



to visit those places
i always knew

one often thinks 
they are dark
as i am there now

there is clarity 

while talking
while riding
still sitting on the horse
that was sent to me

i can see
i see
i can feel
i feel
i can smell
i smell

quickly changing
from moment to moment
so that there is all that want s to be experienced
what time that happened?
who is interested 
when life happens upwards

it is the same time
with different places

and when this pure light
found its way down this upwarding
all the "interesting happenings" are

the horse is now a unicorn
that touches the relevant parts
energy flows again

and yet
there is so much healing necessary

the ego has to step aside

steps aside

tears flow it into healing

my angel takes my hand
and helps me up those two flat steps

till our hearts melt into one

thank you
and a big smile
enlightens the face
enlightens the cells

grace happens

September 23, 2011


 The Alphabet of Friendship
 (A)ccepts you as you are
 (B)elieves in 'you'
 (C)alls you sometimes just to cheer you up and say: ‘Hello!’
 (D)oesn't give up on you
 (E)nvisions the whole of you, even the hidden and unfinished parts
 (F)orgives your mistakes
 (G)ives unconditionally
 (H)elps you
 (I)nvites you into their life and space
 (J)ust accompanies you on our pathway through life
 (K)eeps you close at heart
 (L)oves you for who you are and not what you have
 (M)akes a difference in your life
 (N)ever Judges
 (O)ffers support
 (P)icks you up when you're down
 (Q)uiets your fears
 (R)aises your spirits
 (S)ays only good things about you
 (T)ells you the truth whenever this is necessary
 (U)nderstands you
 (V)alues you
 (W)alks beside you
 (X)-plains things you don't understand
 (Y)ells when you won't listen and
 (Z)aps you back to reality

August 16, 2011


Weisheit für das Leben:
Eine alte Dame und ihre Vorurteile
Eines Abends machte eine alte Dame in einer Autobahnraststätte Halt.

Im Self-Service Bereich holte sie sich eine heiße Suppe und setzte sich allein an einen Tisch. Da bemerkte sie, dass sie vergessen hatte, Salz mit an den Tisch zu nehmen.

Sie stand auf, irrte ein wenig im Restaurant herum, bevor sie das Salz fand, und kehrte schließlich zu ihrem Tisch zurück. Dort saß ein Schwarzer, der den Löffel in die Suppe tauchte und sie langsam aß.
„Oha, ganz schön unverschämt, dieser  Schwarze!“, dachte sich die rechtschaffene Dame. „Dem werde ich Manieren beibringen!"

Doch sie setzte sich seitlich an den Tisch und ließ ihn barmherzig etwas von ihrer Suppe essen. Dann zog sie die Suppenschüssel etwas zu sich und versuchte, die Suppe zumindest mit ihm zu teilen.
Der Schwarze zog die Suppenschüssel wieder sanft zurück und aß weiter.

Wieder zog die Dame die Schüssel leicht in ihre Richtung, um ebenfalls ein paar Löffel abzubekommen. Und so löffelten die beiden die Suppe schließlich leer.

Daraufhin erhob sich der Schwarze, gab ihr mit einem Zeichen zu verstehen, dass sie sich gedulden sollte, und kam schließlich mit einer riesigen Portion Pommes Frites zurück, die er ebenso mit ihr teilte wie zuvor die Suppe.
Schließlich nickten sie sich zu und die Dame ging zur Toilette. Doch als sie an ihren Platz zurückkehrte und nach ihrer Tasche griff, musste sie feststellen, dass sie nicht mehr unter ihrem Stuhl  stand.

„Oh, ich hätte mich vor diesem Schwarzen in Acht nehmen sollen!"

Sie schrie „haltet den Dieb“ durch das ganze Restaurant, bis schließlich jemand ihre Tasche fand, die an einem Tisch lehnte, auf dem eine Schüssel mit einer kalt gewordenen Suppe stand....

Es war IHRE Schüssel, die niemand berührt hatte.
Sie hatte sich im Tisch geirrt und der Mann hatte sein Essen mit ihr geteilt!

Februar 13, 2011


wenn denn einer will
dann kann er
wenn denn eine will
dann kann sie

egal wie groß
die distanz

denke daran
"gute" gedanken zu haben

denke daran
die gedanken
bereiten den alltag

denke daran
was du willst
auch wenn es dir nicht bewusst ist
bekommst du auch

also lass dich
von der freude
in dir leiten
wo du dich wohlfühlst ......

der regenbogen ist in dir
der regenbogen ist um dich

spray my light in all the colours of the rainbow

and bless the you in me
and bless the me in you
and bless the each and every moment

blessed be

Januar 10, 2011

yellow types

Yellows mission in life is to make people happy. It is the one and only thing that they do in fact, take seriously. They believe life is meant to be lived and that everybody on the planet just needs to mellow out and be more like them: happy!
They are great communicators and coordinators of people and events. Yellow are highly interactive and make great networkers. They are great in sales, because they are so charismatic. They are charismatic because they just like all people.
Out of all of the colors, the yellows are the least likely to ever be prejudice about much of anything for that would drag their happy energy down, and they are very protective of their happiness and sunshiny dispositions.
Yellows just enjoy people and basically just see people as a forms of entertainment! Yellows are busy, busy socializers and networkers. They have a big job getting everybody on the planet happy, after all. This is their strength and they do it very well.
Yellows love being around people and any job description that has the word "social" on it! The keep things "light" and when something is very serious, or intense, it will be the yellow who pops the funny one-liner that gets everybody off track and laughing.
Yellows generally can be great comedians as well. They have the innate ability to take something awful and make it funny.
Yellows love making people happy.
Because yellows are so charismatic, they can also step into leadership roles very easily.

A yellow has a very creative mind and unlike the green, yellows do not create within the confines of system. In fact, they are anything but systematic. Out of all the colors, the yellow is outside the proverbial BOX more than they are in the box. They create in a place just a level beyond the green's zone, known as THE GREAT OUT THERE!
Yes, THE GREAT OUT THERE is a fabulous place for the yellows to mentally play and create. Because of this, they are more likely to be your artists, your musicians, and any profession that requires the capacity to come up with new, out there, never been done before, ideas.
Yellows can recognize a yellow a mile away by that constant smile on their faces. They usually have big white teeth and when they smile, they make sure that every last tooth is shining through, just for others.

Yellows clearly have the leadership qualities of a Tom Sawyer. Remember when he was supposed to be painting the fence white. One by one, he had convinced all the children in the neighborhood that he was having the most fun of anyone getting to paint that fence white and before long, they were all painting the fence and he was sitting there watching and smoking his pipe! This however, while innovative, if not genius, can be problematic when working with other personality styles.

Most yellows are probably thinking right now; what problem? We don't have any problems, right? Well maybe you don't, but other colors have some problems with you!
This may be a difficult concept for a yellow, but it's true, there are some areas that it would certainly help make a few more people more happy if you were to attend to.
Yellows tend to get a little bit D  I  S  T  R  A  C  T  E  D!
They are the color that thinks they can do ten things at once, but really can't.
Yellows prefer to work in what is known as FREE FORM WORK ENVIRONMENT.
What does that mean? A yellow knows exactly what it means! It means, when it gets done, it gets done.
Yellows will get things done, but it most likely will not be on the time frame that any of the other colors would follow. That's not how they operate and that's not how they are neurologically wired.
They are intellectually wired differently than the other three colors, and that's exactly why they are creative and solution generating.
You will often hear a yellow say that they do in fact believe that they work best under pressure. However, as a yellow it is important to understand that it hurts your credibility and your team participation, not to take this more seriously.
To be a good team player you will want to work on your focus, being tuned in during meetings and being time conscious when it comes to projects. Because people are waiting on you and need you to do your part in a timely fashion. Turn it into something fun, and you won't be so resistant to what you perceive are the negative aspects to the more orderly personality styles.


Yellows agree that their little quirk(eigenart) is that they;
And many in our world, would just like to wipe that smile right off their face. Yellows just don't get it that some people just don't want to be happy, let alone, all of the time, OK. Yellows will say, "But we're so happy. We will undoubtedly live longer than anybody else."
Invariably a yellow comes along, brightly and cheerfully says,
"Oh, now you get a smile on that face!"
“Don’t worry, be happy!”

What we want to do is not only learn about ourselves, but also start thinking about the style that is most difficult to deal with and communicate to.
When we learn about our own style and how it depicts not only what we highly value, but how we think and integrate information, then we begin to understand why we are not on the same wave length verbally and intellectually as some one who has entirely different values and thinking processes.
For starters, people with similar tendencies are most compatible with one another socially. That's because those with common interests, habits and approaches help reinforce each other's self-esteem. In the work arena when it comes to tasks --whether it's doing a project at work, purchasing materials or determining the budget --the dynamics differ dramatically.
For example, Reds and Yellows share an outward focus and often similar interests. Blues and Greens, on the other hand are both inward oriented and may like the same kinds of activities. Both Yellows and Blues aspire to be in a supportive relationship. Usually, though, it's the Blue who's in the giving role and trying to make peace and the Yellow who's trying to get everybody to "lighten-up" and have some fun!
Meanwhile, the "I want it and I want it now" directive Reds and Yellows commonly find it hard to develop rapport with the quiet, focused and internally driven Blues and Greens who are less decisive and driven toward external rewards. And the Blues and Greens, in turn, find the Reds less desirable because they're too pushy, too loud and often too bossy in their demands of them.
To the Red, who just wants results and wants them…. yesterday, and to the Yellow, whose basic saying is, "Don't worry, be happy!"--the cautious Green and steady Blue can be a drag. While Blues often resign themselves to tolerate the forwardness of Reds and Yellows, the Green frequently just prefer to be left alone in their office or cubical.


If they are standing or sitting with their shoulders back and quite erect... do the same thing. If they use language succinctly... be succinct. Don't go on about your personal or their personal life. Match their interests. If they are interested in RESULTS, keep your conversation with them quick and to the point. This by the way, would be a Red.
BE NICE with a Blue, soften your stance, your shoulders and your voice. Allow a connection to take place first by asking them how their day or their family is. When discussing an area of concern, simply give them illustrative and/or descriptive information with an example of how you'd like it to be. They are driven by knowledge and their key desire is to figure it out so they can do it well and be of service to you. Appreciate that!
Think SYSTEMS with a Green... talk systems and talk fast! They already see the "big picture" so what they are interested in is the mental process of designing the most efficient way to get there. And what about the fun loving, people oriented Yellows!?! OPEN UP and put a big old smile on your face…. then pull up a chair and sit down. Why? Because it's going to be awhile! They will want to connect with you for at least 15-20 minutes before getting down to business. Once down to business though watch out, because they are about to razzle dazzle you with their most creative and innovative ideas to help make that event you are coordinating a spectacular.

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